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Flipper mechanism used by Data East and as a backup mechanism in newer Bally/Williams games. Solid-State Game — A pinball machine that uses solid-state electronics (transistors, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, microcontrollers etc) rather than the earlier electro-mechanical components.

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In Super Mario Bros. 3, Cheep-Cheeps appear in red and green these two colors, only the latter ever appears in an underwater-themed level, specifically World and World , the latter of which doubles as a cave red ones usually swim under the water before leaping from it in order to hit Mario; however, some constantly bounce along the surface and make an . We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow more. Aug 26,  · The WPC DMD display and DMD controllers are common features in Williams 's era pinball machines. The display is a high-voltage plasma system that has scanning electronics built in. The WPC dot matrix controller board, or WPC AV (Audio/Video) board in later machines, provides the power for operation, and maintains the display dot images.