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Jun 29,  · The data presented on this webpage and in the EY Global IPO press release: YTD is from Dealogic and EY. Q2 (i.e., April-June) and YTD (January-June) are based on completed IPOs as of 14 June and expected IPOs .

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Download the latest version of the book as a single big PDF file ( pages, 3 MB).. Download the full version of the book with a hyper-linked table of contents that make it easy to jump around: PDF file ( pages, MB). The Errata for the second edition of the book: HTML. Download slides (PPT) in French: Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter People are choosing smokeless tobacco, it is hard to believe but it seems that Canada is somehow a nightmare for tobacco lovers. Although epidemiological data from the USA and Asia show a raised risk of oral cancer (overall relative risk 2·6 [95% CI 1·3–5·2]), these are not confirmed in northern European studies (1·0 [0·7–1·3]). Jun 01,  · 1. Introduction. Artificial Intelligence (AI) lies at the core of many activity sectors that have embraced new information the roots of AI trace back to several decades ago, there is a clear consensus on the paramount importance featured nowadays by intelligent machines endowed with learning, reasoning and adaptation capabilities.